Welcome to Homebred Hermann Tortoises. I am a hobbyist Tortoise keeper and breeder of Hermanns Tortoises .

As a passionate hobbyist Tortoise keeper and UK breeder, I am very keen to promote the correct husbandry and dietry needs of the Hermanns Tortoise. I breed all three of the Hermanns subspecies (THB, Herc and THH).This site is designed to be a support to all new owners of Homebred Hermanns Tortoises and those passing through.. you can also up date yourself on Homebred Hermanns news.

With the enormous amount of conflicting advice out there about Tortoises, I hope to share techniques and best practices that I have adopted during my years of Tortoise keeping and raising hatchlings to help assist new and novice keepers with the ultimate goal of helping you achieve the best from your tortoise in your long life together. This website has a live shopping list with live links via buttons which will take you straight to the items I believe to be the best on the market. There is also a printable PDF feeding guide. A pattern for a starter table and lots of additional information. I hope you find it useful and enjoyable. 


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