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Casualty Corner

Theres nothing more likely to put you off your breakfast than finding one of your beloved Tortoises injured or having had a mishap. Tortoises don't think like humans.. The way of the tortoise is to never go round things and politely say excuse me.. they only go over things, under things or just plain straight through them. So at 6.30am the last thing you want to see is one of your beloved torts with a red raw head. During the nightly 'pile on' sleeping scramble to get settled had resulted in claws scrambling poor Saffrons head.datiSsh

With scales pulled off and a nasty hole in the top of her head, impromptu and improvised first aid was necessary . Hibiscrub to the rescue I washed the damaged area really thoroughly. Then genius stroke, Elastoplast spray plaster and a paint brush were used to protect the area. After blotting dry and spraying the liquid plaster into the lid, I painted enough on so that it would keep the wound clean and protected from any other untoward contact. I was amazed at how effective this was.

After an hour the wound looked like this...

after another couple of hours the wound looked like this.....

The following day it looked like this...

and three weeks later its looks like this

Amazing results and definitely getting added to my Tortoise first Aid Kit.

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